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    1. 1. Updating Model for CFD Notes

    This page has the Vespa 3D Scan. The reason is that it is restricted is:

    1. The data is 28M zipped and it will chew up bandwidth if the world decides to download it
    2. The data is expensive and anyone using it should realise this and contribute results back to Vespa Labs
    3. This is only a sample of the data, I have more (contact: paul dot mcintosh at internetscooter dot com)

    To look at the data, download and install ParaView, the download, unzip and open with ParaView.

    Updating Model for CFD Notes

    The attached data requires significant amount of work to get it suitable for CFD. So treat the data attached as an example and contact me for other data.

    Some notes on how:

    • Position (order of steps is important)
      • Vespa is on a slight lean - To fix rotate 0.9 degrees along X axis from behind (use rear wheel as reference)
      • Vespa scale is in mm and OpenFOAM is in metres - To fix do a scale transform 0.001 0.001 0.001 (OpenFOAM command to follow)
      • Vespa zero point is on the floor boards and OpenFOAM ground level is at zero - To set to bottom of wheel, do a translation transform X Y Z (FOAM command to follow)
      • Front wheel also needs to be pointed forward (details to come)
    • Mesh
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