IHI RHB31 Turbo Charger

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    The next major upgrade to the Dry Lake Racer is a turbo charger!

    PICT1590 (Large).JPG

    Casing Numbers

    The casing numbers should translate to the design parameters of the turbo. I need to decipher these to know if the turbo itself can be used with the scooter or if I need to convert it to a supercharger.

    Turbine Housing = K 2/4 2H C7P

    Bearing Housing = M 8 SE 20

    Compressor Housing = VZ21 - Serial 0935351034

    IHI Info


    RHF is a replacement for RHB (so should be similar)




    Ebay Blurb (not my blurb)

    "Up for auction is one ideal little World's Smallest turbocharger for a  QUAD,  MOTORCYCLE,  RHINO, SNOWMOBILE, JET SKI  Etc.  ( In this case,   size really matters!!!) This super little turbocharger is the smallest turbo that is manufactured and commercially available only through our facility, (DON'T GET FOOLED! BE VARY CAREFUL OF CHEAP LOOK ALIKES OR COPIES BEING SOLD   THAT ALL BLOW UP! SOME OF THESE CHARACTERS EVEN GO SO FAR AS TO USE OUR PHOTOGRAPHS AND ART WORK!)  Their in perfect new condition and have not been installed,  (removed from packaging for photographs only). The only thing we can find wrong with it is, well it's just too neat to part with. The part numbers etc. are MODEL # TRU00031/PART # PT-31-001IHI Model # RHB31/VZ21. This super little turbo can work on very low displacement engines. From about 190 cc to about 900cc or so and can flow about 125 HP. They are currently the favorite choice of people building turbo kits for the Rhino and other small 4X4's vehicles. (see flow map below). The front of the POLISHED compressor housing is machined to mount a carburetor, hose or what ever is appropriate for your particular toy. The center section or bearing housing on this unit is the multi position type that is far superior to the normal ones seen on most OTHER TURBOS. This allows you to loosen the clamp bolts and rotate everything to suit your application. You will get the turbocharger assembly, complete with the internal waste gate and pod just as it appears in the photographs. This  turbocharger will definitely effect a Massive Horsepower and Performance Gain on your toy."

    Fitting Notes

    From the web

    Used Turbo Info - Part One. Cheap hairdryers from the wrecker. By Michael Knowling

    IHI RHB31

    "The smallest turbocharger we’ve seen fitted to a production engine is the IHI RHB31. This turbo is used on various Japanese Kei-class cars including Suzuki and Daihatsu.

    We’re told this particular turbocharger comes from a Suzuki 660cc engine which, like all Kei-class engines, is limited to 47kW. Experience tells us this turbo can be wound up to more than 1.0 Bar of boost and about 75kW – but don’t expect it to last very long. These very small turbos aren’t particularly durable, despite having a water-cooled core.

    The compressor inlet of this little ‘un is less than 30mm and the discharge nozzle measures 26mm diameter. A 2-bolt flange is used at the compressor inlet and discharge nozzle – there are no slip-over hose joints. The turbine wheel is fed exhaust gasses through a 24mm diameter passage in the triangular mounting flange. Three bolts attach the turbine to the exhaust manifold and four bolts connect the dump pipe.

    The extremely compact dimensions of this turbocharger allow it to be mounted in very tight spaces. If you’re keen, you could probably squeeze a pair of these turbos under the bonnet of a N12 Nissan Pulsar/EXA turbo. Alternatively, you might have a small-to-medium size motorcycle you want to turbocharge..."

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    IHI RBH31 Install instructions found on the web
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    Rotrex C15 (different make but might be similar specs)
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    Comments (10)
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    I like your style Paul , I've just move down to Australia from England , and I hope to get my scoot up to lake Gairdner too . I have been looking at both oil coolers and turbo charching and really am intersted to see how you get on . I am running a Polini barreled P2 with just about every concievable modification , except a turbo !!!!! good luck mate , if I don,t see you before , see you on the
    Salt !!
    Posted 22:00, 20 Apr 2010
    oh and I forgot to ask , what powers the turbo ? is it pulley or from vacuum / crank pressure like a fuel pump ? I was running a fuel pump , but it kept blowing , so I have a ready made hole on my manifold that is doing nothing but annoying me !! I thought about cooling the oil using the existing holes in the sump , and attaching a mechanical pump via a little oil cooling rad ? Glad to hear your views as your obviously a rather clever chap !!
    Posted 22:06, 20 Apr 2010
    We are going to run it off the flywheel - i.e. it will be a supercharger instead of a turbo. We will have to do a complete seperate oil system and initially will only do the most basic set-up (no coolling of air or oil).

    RE your fuel - I subscribe to the view that a pump is not required and problems may be due to vibrating carb. I have a 38mm carb and run flat out with no problems. If you think about it, if you pulled off the fuel line and let it drain freely your tank would be empty in minutes, yet it takes about an hour to chew through the same amount on the motorway.

    Do you get fuel starvation with no pump?
    Posted 06:29, 21 Apr 2010
    Hi, can you not use the exhaust to wind up the turbo because of exhaust pulses, nice work by the way.
    Posted 11:26, 7 Jun 2010
    No - the exhaust will work but is just too much hardwork to get all the bits working.

    One other advantage of turning it into a supercharger is that I "may" get away with a high speed bearing instead of the whole oil circuit required for the turbo.
    Posted 13:51, 7 Jun 2010
    Hello everyone, could any one please tell me here I can get this turbo?

    Thanks in advance
    Posted 05:20, 13 May 2011
    I wouldn't have thought there would be enough blowdown to make a supercharger work, how have you got on with it?
    Posted 05:01, 13 Aug 2011
    i have not progressed - i amonly hoping for a bit more performance in high rpm
    Posted 09:15, 13 Aug 2011
    Anyone know the specs for the weight of this turbo?
    Posted 17:30, 1 Jan 2013
    it weighs 2.5 Kg - BTW I am selling this one as I have not used it (only dismantled it to see the inside).
    Paid $300 will take $150 (+postage) o.n.o. paul do mcintosh at internetscooter dot com.
    Posted 07:00, 2 Jan 2013
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