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    18th November 2013 - See Vespa Labs CFD on display at Super Computing'13, more details of the project can be found here: Vespa CFD/3D Model

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    Original Wiki

    Vespa Labs evolved from a public wiki which is still on going here: Wiki

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    2009 Salt Lake
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    Vespa Labs Logo v2
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    SVG version of Vespa Labs logo
    6.76 kB21:58, 21 Aug 2011internetscooterActions
    Caricature of a mad scientist drawn by User:J.J..( Adapted by Paul McIntosh.
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    Vespa Labs Logo Final
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    Disclaimer: Vespa Labs contains information that is VERY likely to wreck your scooter and possibly yourself both intentionally (i.e. gaining more peformance while sacrificing reliability + safety) and unintentionally (i.e. misleading or incorrect information). Vespa Labs is only a wiki and intended as a dumping ground for information and not as a properly reviewed source. The same disclaimers that use apply to Vespa Labs. The short version is use information at your own risk, both information on the main wiki and in the user areas are intended to be used only as "thought provoking" for someone that knows what they are doing. If you try to implement a "thought" Vespa Labs is not reponsible and if something goes wrong we hope that you live and update the offending information with corrections to warn others.

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